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Lease & Lease Purchase Home Programs

The housing market and the overall economy have changed immensely over the past several years. As a result of these changes, many good people with good income and reasonable credit histories find themselves in a position where they can afford a home, but do not qualify for traditional financing.
In response to these changes, we have developed special Lease and Lease Purchase programs to help our clients get into a new or recently constructed home.

Each lease is tailored to the circumstances of the qualified client; however, most transactions are structured as follows:

  1. Terms are generally twelve to thirty six months
  2. Client will be required to make a security deposit (generally ranging from one to three percent of the property value based on income and credit)
  3. Whalen Custom Homes will apply a significant portion of each lease payment towards the purchase price of the property.
  4. Whalen Custom Homes will work with Client to obtain financing for the eventual purchase of the property.

Our lease programs have been extremely successful in helping many families and individuals purchase homes that otherwise would be unavailable to them. We have a limited number of lease opportunities available, please contact Michael Whalen at 314-575-7645 for further inquiries or complete our contact form.

Available to Lease: